Your Treatment Team

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Effective cancer treatment involves a team of specialists.  At Mission Viejo Radiation Oncology Center, we have assembled an outstanding staff of highly trained professionals to ensure quality patient care. While receiving radiation therapy, you will remain under the care of your referring physician.

At our center you will meet:

Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists are the doctors who will oversee your radiation therapy treatments. They work with the other members of the radiation therapy team to put together a treatment plan specifically for you and to make sure each treatment is given accurately. Radiation oncologists have completed at least four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of general medical training, and four years of residency or specialty training in radiation oncology. See “Our Physicians” for background information.

Radiation Therapist

These technicians work with radiation oncologists to administer the daily radiation treatment.  Radiation therapists go through a two to four year educational program following high school and/or college. 


Highly skilled professionals who carefully calculate the dose of radiation to make sure the tumor gets enough radiation. Using sophisticated computerized modeling, they work to develop a number of treatment plans that can best destroy the tumor while sparing normal tissue. Many dosimetrists start as radiation therapists and then, with very intensive training, become dosimetrists. Others are graduates of one- to two-year dosimetry programs.

Medical Physicist

Radiation therapy requires an exacting precision from highly specialized technology. You may not interact with a medical physicist, but behind the scenes these specialists ensure the daily calibration of radiation beam intensity and the accuracy of all instrumentation.  They work closely with the dosimetrists to develop optimal treatment plans. And if needed they help design or develop customized protective and immobilization devices that protect normal surrounding tissue from radiation exposure while maximizing the delivery to the cancer.

Office Staff

Our dedicated staff will help you with scheduling, billing and administrative tasks.